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亚博ag有保障-逆天改命!巴特勒105秒制胜8分刷爆纪录 全场歇49秒累瘫
名称:亚博ag有保障-逆天改命!巴特勒105秒制胜8分刷爆纪录 全场歇49秒累瘫

On October 10th, Beijing time, "There is no miracle?" Butler dictated all kinds of dissatisfaction. In the finals of G5, "black and hard" showed off again. He made 11 of 19 free throws and 12 of 12 free throws, and 35 points. With a luxurious triple-double of 12 rebounds, 11 assists and 5 steals, he started a crazy battle with James, and finally led the Heat to a thrilling defeat of the Lakers, successfully chasing 2-3 lives, but also let the Heat see the hope of counterattacking the championship again.


It is worth mentioning that with the help of 35+12+11+5 super data in this field, Butler also set a number of records:

值得一提的是,借助此字段中的35 + 12 + 11 + 5超级数据,巴特勒还创下了许多记录:

First, Butler scored 48 points at a critical moment of the season, ranking first in the league.


Second, Butler shot 57.1% (at least 20 shots) at critical moments of the season, ranking first in the league.


Third, Butler made 100% free throw percentage (22 free throws) at critical moments of the season, ranking first in the league.


Fourth, Butler hit 30+ in double figures twice in the finals, becoming the second man in history, with James in 2015.


Fifth, Butler's career in the finals for the first time, repeatedly hit the first person in double history.


Sixth, Butler won the second triple-double of his career playoffs.


Seventh, Butler scored at least 20 points and 5 assists in the first 5 finals of his career, becoming the second player in history to do this, the first being Jordan.


Eighth, Butler hit 30+ in double figures after his opponent got a match point in the finals, becoming the fourth man in history. The top three are Jerry West, James and James Worthy.


Ninth, Butler's second player in the playoffs with at least 30+ double +5 steals in a single game, the first was Payton in 2000.

第九名,巴特勒在季后赛中的第二位球员,单场比赛中至少有30 + 2 + 5抢断,第一位是2000年的佩顿。

How much do the Lakers want to win the championship? Faced with the desire of the Purple and Golden Legion, Butler is undoubtedly more "hungry" for the pursuit of victory, and made him a "hungry wolf" again in the final quarter. With 1 minute and 45 seconds left in the final, the Heat were chased by the Lakers to a 101-101 tie. Butler once again stood up to dominate the game at the crucial decisive moment. Butler first drew two points and scored directly. After James responded with 2+1, Butler immediately singled out Morris to complete a difficult back hollow hit, and after James succeeded in his second offense, Butler made a strong jump. Fouled two free throws.

湖人想赢得冠军多少钱?面对紫色和金色军团的渴望,巴特勒无疑是更渴望追求胜利的“渴望”,并在最后一个季度再次使他成为“饥饿的狼”。决赛还有1分45秒,热火被湖人队追至101-101并列平局。巴特勒在决定性的关键时刻再次站出来统治比赛。巴特勒先是拿下两分并直接得分。詹姆斯以2 + 1回应后,巴特勒立即挑出莫里斯以完成一次艰难的后空心击球,而在詹姆斯第二次进攻成功后,巴特勒进行了一次大力跳投。犯规两次罚球。

Butler has scored 6 points in a row and led the team to regain the lead, and with 21.3 seconds left to complete the key buzzer tip, there is no doubt that the key attack for the Heat is still handed over to Butler. The toughest "boy" was another critical foul and made two free throws to help the Heat regain a 1-point lead. It's James' turn to stand up and continue to respond? The Lakers leader chose to pass Green and missed a three-pointer, and then the Lakers missed key three-pointers successively by Morris and James. Butler used such a worthy decisive victory to score 8 points in a row, helping the Heat to win by a narrow margin.


You know, Butler only scored 8 points in the last quarter, but they were all the key 8 points at the last moment. Such a big heart and responsibility at the decisive moment is once again in awe of his super performance, and he is also It was once photographed on the sidelines and panting. It is worth mentioning that Butler only rested for 49 seconds tonight.


As for the whole game, Butler also scored 35 points in a frantic attack with James, and he was only 5 points less than James, but he sent out 4 assists on the organization side 11-7 and won 5-3 with steals. Continue The main control led the Heat to score 6 in double figures, so team basketball is also the key to winning the Heat.


In addition, Butler played hard enough in order to win, especially in the first quarter when a conflict with Howard broke out and both took T. Butler's unyielding spirit naturally gave the Heat a strong tenacity. In his two triple-doubles, the Heat won all the finals. There is no doubt whether Butler can play enough versatility and the key. Always dare to play, has become a barometer of the Heat's victory.


The Heat continue to change their fate under the leadership of Butler, they also continue to maintain the suspense of the finals, and the probability of the Heat's comeback has risen to 16%. Even if the Heat are still not favored, but at least the Heat led by Butler will not give up, and miracles will only be for those who are ready.


No one commented, but quiet


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