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亚博ag有保障:听说过伏地魔,你们听过扶哥魔么。心真累。 我和...
发布时间:2021-10-14 00:11:01

Have you heard of Voldemort, have you heard of Brother Helper? The heart is really tired. I have been with my girlfriend for more than 2 years, her home in Shanxi, my home in Liaoning. They are all ordinary families. I am currently doing R&D and design in a private enterprise with a monthly salary of 8,500. She works as a personnel in a company with a monthly salary of 5,500, with a deduction of more than 500 for five social insurances and one fund (the local minimum standard). She has an older brother who got married the year before and gave birth at the beginning of this year. His sister-in-law does not have breast milk and must take milk powder. Her brother has not been to work for three years. He started asking for money and borrowing money since my target was in school. I gave him a four-year university scholarship. Brother. This year, I really can't stand it. I called him to our company to do molds (in the later period, I will transfer to management). The monthly salary of internship is 4500+. It depends on the level. After 2 months, I ran and went home. When her brother got married, he bought a house and a car, and so on. A series of expenses were taken at home. Now he still owes more than 100,000 yuan. Her brother himself borrowed usury outside. Her brother himself said that it was more than 5w, but I think it must be more than that. , Her brother and sister-in-law didn't do anything, didn't go to work, and didn't care about the children at home, they were all brought by her mother. Last night I called and said I was going to work and moving to a new house. The child stayed in my hometown and let my grandmother take it. The new house was almost renovated. I wondered that the living room had central air-conditioning and there was no bedroom. I didn't buy the rest of the electrical appliances. I borrowed money to buy two air conditioners and a washing machine. . . I don't understand, I have to live a good life without money. . Then I called my partner to borrow money. When I went home for the Chinese New Year last year, I told her to save the money and keep an eye on it to catch up with the epidemic. We did not come back to work until mid-March and rented a house. , I bought a piece? All kinds of living expenses, and didn't save much money. She has a total of more than 3w in her hand, I mean not to borrow it. Her brother's situation is a bottomless pit, borrowing too much is tantamount to harming him. She agreed. . . She went to work tomorrow (transferred off), I was waiting to watch the game, curiosity drove me to look at the phone, or transferred money to her brother, I gave myself two mouths angrily. Really, I wouldn't even dare to get married if this goes on. My family is an ordinary peasant family. It would be nice if my parents can give a down payment for a house. I'm really afraid that their family will open their mouths, and.. Her brother, a man in his 30s, does not work hard for himself, his wife and children? [Sad heart][sad heart][sad heart]

您听说过伏地魔吗,您听说过兄弟助手吗?心脏真的很累。 我和女友在一起已有两年多了,她在山西的家,在辽宁的家。他们都是普通家庭。我目前在一家私营企业中从事研发和设计,月薪为8,500。她在一家公司工作,月薪5500,扣除500份以上的五份社会保险和一份基金(当地最低标准)。 她有一个哥哥,前年结婚,并于今年年初分娩。他的sister子没有母乳,必须服用奶粉。她的兄弟已经三年没有上班了。自从我的目标是在学校开始,他就开始要钱和借钱。我给了他四年大学奖学金。哥哥。 今年,我真的受不了了。我叫他去我们公司做模具(以后我会调到管理部门)。实习的月薪是4500+。这取决于水平。 2个月后,我跑步回家。 她的兄弟结婚后,他买了房子和汽车,依此类推。一系列费用在家中承担。现在他还欠着十万多元。她哥哥自己在外面借高利贷。她弟弟本人说这超过5w,但我认为必须超过5w。 ,她的哥哥和sister子什么也没做,没有上班,也没在意家里的孩子,他们全都是她妈妈带的。 昨晚我打来电话,说我要去上班并搬到新家。这个孩子住在我的家乡,让我祖母接过。新房子几乎翻新了。我想知道客厅有中亚博ag有保障央空调,没有卧室。我没有买其余的电器。我借钱买了两台空调和一台洗衣机。 。 。我不明白,我必须过着没有钱的美好生活。 。 然后我打电话给我的伴侣借钱。去年回家过春节时,我告诉她存钱并密切注意,以赶上这一流行病。直到三月中旬,我们才亚博ag有保障重新上班并租了房子。 ,我买了一块?各种生活费,并没有节省很多钱。她手里的总重量超过3w,我的意思是不要借用它。她哥哥的处境是一个无底洞,举债过多无济于事。她同意了。 。 。 她明天去上班(转移),我在等着看比赛,好奇心驱使我看电话,或者把钱转移给她的兄弟,我生气地给了自己两张嘴。真的,如果这种情况继续下去,我什至都不敢结婚。我的家庭是一个普通的农民家庭。如果我父母可以给房子首付定金,那就太好了。我真的很害怕他们的家人会张开嘴。..她的哥哥,一个30多岁的男人,不会为自己,他的妻子和孩子而努力吗? [伤心] [伤心] [伤心]

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